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Percutaneous foot limb surgery

Transcutaneous surgery of the big toe is a revolutionary new method of treatment, which is already widely used in the USA, Australia, England and other countries of the western world. With this new technique, the patient does not need to be admitted to the hospital. The operation is performed through 3 small holes that do not exceed 2-3 mm, with local anesthesia, lasts 20 minutes, without blood loss and of course leaves no postoperative scars. Through these holes, small tools are driven with which the corrective osteotomies are performed and the exostoses are removed. The patient walks without pain a few hours after the operation, without crutches, using a special shoe, which he wears for 4-6 weeks and can return to his activities much faster.


The patient is discharged the same day and does not need to stay in the hospital for treatment. The anesthesia is always local (block), ie the patient does not need to receive general or dorsal anesthesia.


The deformity does not recur if the surgical technique is properly selected and performed. A prerequisite for the application of this technique is that it should be done ONLY by specialized surgeons in transdermal foot surgery and well acquainted with this surgical technique.